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Components of Information Technology

Computer : Electronic system that can be instructed to accept,process,store and information.

Communication Network : It is an interconnection of different location through a medium that enable people to send and receive information easily and quickly.Communication network allows people to interact.

Peoples : People are required for the operation of all information technology system.These people include programer and all other persons who know the use information Technology.

Software : All the programs which are used for solving problem and to communicate with computer.For example  operating system , spreadsheet , word processing , telecommunication , management program etc.

Data is raw material of Information Technology : Data can take many forms including numeric , alphanumeric , alphabetical , audio , and video etc


What is the information Technology?

The combination (merging) of computer and communication is called information and technology.Information technology is the technology that uses computing with Fastest speed communications to spread information  from one   to another place .The Internet communication of the computer enables people to Download and upload  information.The communication Tools also are used to communicate with different people in the world.
Computer is an important component of information technology.It makes possible to use information technology for solving problems.
The world has become a global village due to advancement information technology.It means that people living in the world know one another as if they are living in a village.Information can be transferred from one place to another place easily and quickly.It manages a network of computer for creating WEB pages,producing videos digitally,selling,buying and any type of business on the internet.For example, telephone and radio equipments and switches used for voice communication.

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