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Qualities of a Good Blogging

Top 7 good qualities of posts in a blogs ,while reading or viewing post on your blog some peoples feel non-profitable. The social media ,stumbleUpon,facebook,wordpress,twitter  playing important role in order to spread information through out the world but you should have a great interface ,any way below presenting tips for creating informative blogs and posts

Effective communication is the “Life Blood” of every organization .  The Good blogging  is the principal means of communication .

Business does not call for the refined language  of the poet , but it requires corrections and clarity .

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Proper vocabulary and easy style create effective writing


An unclear thing is hard to understand . Therefore our message should be so clear that it may not be misunderstood . Following are two major ways to achieve  clarity.

   i.  Using plain language

We should use easy words and short sentences . Our purpose is not to show our vocabulary , but to covey the message . If  it can be done in an easy way , we should  not  use  difficult  words

ii.  Construct effective sentences

Clear sentences conveys meaning on the first reading .

  USE →  The car that he smashed is in the garage.

Instead ofThe car is in the garage that he smashed.


A business letter should be along enough to cover the subject properly – and no longer. Conciseness means means using the fewest possible words without sacrificing other

Use                            Instead of

Although                  Despite the fact that

Soon                           In the near future

Dated                         Under date of

ii. Delete needless prefaces

Use : You are late

Instead of : I wish to let you know that you are late

iii. Avoid ” There ” sentences openers:

Use : Four rules should be followed

Instead of : There are four rules that should be followed


Our message must contain all essential information. An incomplete message causes loss of  time , and effort .

Completeness of a message may be tested on the basis of   five W’s : Who , Why , Where , and  When.

For example , if we are informing someone about a meeting ,

we should tell : What type of meeting ?  who will attend it  ? Why has it been called ? Where  will it be held ? when will it be held ?


It means looking at  the message from the receiver point of view . It is called

You Attitude ” . The writer should  avoid such sentences : ” We do this ” or “We do that” . The reader is not interested in what the writer does . He will not buy a thing  because the seller needs money.

The reader will look at his own benefit or comfort


Correctness is the greatest quality of a message . Everything  about the reader should be correct . The physical appearance , information , grammar , spelling , punctuation , capitalization ,  etc  should be correct.

Errors , even of minor nature create a negative impression and may cause confusion.


Courtesy costs nothing but it brings much . Basically it is a mental attitude .

It shows respect and love form the reader . Courtesy makes life pleasant . A letter or Article written in a courteous way seems words .

But courtesy should be used with sincerity.


There is a saying that a picture is worth ten thousand  words. Concreteness means creating clear words picture in the mind of reader. You have to make reader  ” See”  himself. To achieve this , use words that appeal to five senses :        Sight , Sound , Touch , Hearing and Smell :p

All these Tips are made well .. It is also for Blog Writing  ..  Written in 2 hrs please  Leave a comment must

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