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Ways To Make Written Communication Successful

Four Effective ways to make written communication successful .Improve your writing skills and avoid common mistakes .It  has its own importance.It keeps an organization alive.

Proper steps should be taken to make Written communication or writing effective and successful.

Following are some guidelines in this regard

1> Know The Purpose

First of all ,  give a  close attention to the purpose of the massage . It means why you are writing the massage . It may be some congratulation , a request ,  a    good- news message ,  a bad new message, an enquiry , etc . Choose the language that is suitable to the situation

2> Know The Receiver

It is vital to know who will read the message . Visualize his position , education , knowledge ,experience , mental level , etc. It will be very helpful in making the message successful.

3>Send a Correct Message

Make sure that your message is correct in every respect. An incorrect message not only causes confusion but also leaves a bad impression. The physical appearance , information , grammar spelling , punctuation , capitalization, etc Should be correct

4> Choose Proper Channel

Choose a right channel of communication . A wrong decision about the method may have terrible results. The channel will depend on such factors , cost , confidentiality, security , urgency, distance, time of day , resources , written record , and the receiver .


Way To Make Oral Communication Successful

Most people find talking easier than writing .It may be easier but it is not less important than writing .Therefore , it should not be taken lightly .

An ineffective talk will not achieve the goal.

Here are some ways to make oral communication successful.

1 >Plane What to Say

Oral communication should be planned carefully.Prepare supporting notes and gather any relevant documents. Choose the language that is suitable to the situation.

2> Know the Receiver

It is vital to know to whom you will speak . Think of their position ,education , knowledge , experience , mental level , etc. It will determine what things to focus on.

3> Know  The Situation

Present may be different situations for speaking, such as interview, briefing meeting , report , etc. You have to adopt the right way. Be friendly , informal , or formal according to the situation and the topic.

4> Be Open- Minded

Present your ideas in an effective way. But at the same time, consider the matter from the other person’s point of view . Be open- minded to hear what is right, but have your arguments ready to make your point forceful.

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