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Way To Make Oral Communication Successful

Most people find talking easier than writing .It may be easier but it is not less important than writing .Therefore , it should not be taken lightly .

An ineffective talk will not achieve the goal.

Here are some ways to make oral communication successful.

1 >Plane What to Say

Oral communication should be planned carefully.Prepare supporting notes and gather any relevant documents. Choose the language that is suitable to the situation.

2> Know the Receiver

It is vital to know to whom you will speak . Think of their position ,education , knowledge , experience , mental level , etc. It will determine what things to focus on.

3> Know  The Situation

Present may be different situations for speaking, such as interview, briefing meeting , report , etc. You have to adopt the right way. Be friendly , informal , or formal according to the situation and the topic.

4> Be Open- Minded

Present your ideas in an effective way. But at the same time, consider the matter from the other person’s point of view . Be open- minded to hear what is right, but have your arguments ready to make your point forceful.

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