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Writing As A Skill

Writing As A Skill

Writing  is a good skill in life .Avoiding common mistakes and improving writing skills are shown below . A person having good writing  talent he will definitely achieve target

Bacon said :  ” Writing maketh an exact man

Writing  is  one  of  the important  communication or blogging skills. Organization   need  talented writers . Few  Professional  spend  their entire  day writing . On the other hand , they  spend  most of their time speaking , reading , or listening .

But whenever important information is conveyed , it is put in writing . It provides a permanent record

Writing  is  a  skill . In a skill  , perfection comes  only  through  training  and practice. We  would laugh  at   people   who  without  training  would  compete  in the  marathon. We  would  laugh  loader  if  they claim they could run  26 miles  because they  have  been walking since  childhood .

In the same way , some people believe that because they know English Languagethey can write well . To write well takes dedication and training.

  →  The Writing Process

The  writing process  is basically a thinking process . It includes not just what to say but also how to say.

We should remember  that we are are dealing with people, not machines -minds , not mechanisms -hearts .

Following is given the writing process


Throughout  history  , people have always wanted to learn about important people ,  famous places ,  interesting events  and popular sports .

First of all , you should plan what to write :  it  should be interesting , informative , impressive  and effective. It should  satisfy the needs of the reader.


Then  you should put your ideas on the paper in the shape of  drafts. If  the message is simple , and outline  would be sufficient. But  in  case of complex message , the complete  draft will be prepared .


After that ( Completing first draft )  you should look for ways to improve it . Some information will be added the other deleted. The order of some sentences will have to be changed. Revising brings perfection to writing.


Everyone is responsible for  his  own  Blogging or communication . It is important that the information you give is correct . Here the indentation , spelling , capitalization , punctuation , etc . are checked .


It is the concluding step in the writing process .

Presenting holds much importance . It gives a sense of importance and esteem to the reader . So , you should try to present your written matter in good way.

No doubt using writing as a skill is a wealth for person in life

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